Kinesiology Tape: The benefits of using k-tape

This article will explain what k-tape is, when you should use it, and which k-tape is best for you.

Benefits of kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape (or K-tape as it’s commonly known) is a type of sports strapping tape used for many injuries and problems.

K-tape is a versatile tape, that moulds and fits to the injured part of your body. The benefit of k-tape over regular sports tape is that it is flexible, and can be stretched to increase or decrease the tension. This also makes it easier to use around difficult joints such as the ankle or shoulder. Kinesiology tape is hypo-allergenic, so it is less likely to cause skin irritation or discomfort also.

Top 5 Injuries that benefit from k-tape

  1. Sprained ankle

  2. Plantar fasciitis

  3. Knee pain

  4. Shoulder pain

  5. Ankle injuries

When do you need k-tape?

There are many situations where k-tape can be useful:

Kinesiology tape can be helpful during an acute injury; however, many recreational athletes will use k tape as a preventative tool. The tape can provide increased stability and confidence, allowing you to feel safe and supported.

A list of sports where kinesiology tape can be useful:

Different types of k-tape

The main difference between different brands of k-tape comes down to the quality.

  1. How sticky is it?

  2. How well does it stay on?

  3. Is it waterproof?

  4. How long will it last?

Some “home-brand” options may be cheaper per roll but usually fall down when it comes to quality. The more expensive options typically last longer and perform better too.

How much does k-tape cost?

K-tape starts at roughly $8 per roll, with discounts for bulk purchases. For some of the named brands and more expensive options, you can expect to pay up to $25 per roll.

How to choose the right kinesiology tape

K-tape that doesn’t stick properly is next to useless, it won’t provide the support required, and you will have to buy a new roll to get the job done. In saying that, the most expensive doesn’t always guarantee high quality, check out our product reviews for insight as to which tape is best for you.

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