Fisiocrem, a natural remedy for the relief of aches and pains.

What is Fisiocrem?

Fisiocrem is a topical massage gel, beneficial for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. Fisiocrem incorporates several natural ingredients, such as; Arnica, Hypericum and Calendula that have been used traditionally for many years as topical pain-relieving compounds.

Benefits of Fisiocrem

Topical gels can provide temporary relief of muscle pain and aches, making it extremely useful for many injury types.

Top 5 Injuries that Fisiocrem can help:

  1. Back Pain

  2. Neck Pain

  3. Shoulder Pain

  4. Hip Pain

  5. Chronic Pain


Arnica montana

Arnica is one of the most well-known medicinal herbs worldwide for its use in natural medicine.

Hypericum perforatum

More commonly known as “St John’s Wort”, the active components hypericin and hyperforin colour it bright red.

Calendula officinalis

Calendula has been traditionally used to treat minor inflammation of the skin.

When do you need it?

There are several situations where Fisicroem can be helpful:

If you’ve watched any professional sports and seen the athletes being treated on the sidelines, there is a good chance you’ve seen the famous purple bottle of Fisiocrem being used.

The most common sports where Fisiocrem can be useful:

How to use Fisiocrem pain relief gel?

How much does Fisiocrem cost?

Fisiocrem comes in a 60g, 120g and a 250g tube. Buying direct from Fisicorem is available through their online store, as well as the product being available at many retail chemists.


Are you still suffering from pain?

Whilst Fisiocrem can be useful in pain management; it will never solve your problem completely! Find a local physio who can help treat your injury and get back to your active self.

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