What to expect when you see a physio

Written by: Leon Mao, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are one of Australia's most trusted and utilised medical services. Whether you're seeing a physiotherapist in a hospital or a private clinic, they will provide a thorough assessment, treatment and essential recommendations regarding your physical health. The Australian Physiotherapy Association best summarises the profession in the quote below.

"Physiotherapists help you get the most out of life. They help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury.“ Australian Physiotherapy Association

As the leading way to find the "best physio near me", we will answer your frequently asked questions about physiotherapy.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine which focuses explicitly on conservatively managing and rehabilitating your physical conditions. There are three streams of physiotherapy, including cardiorespiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal. Physiotherapists will regularly work with other health professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, podiatrists, etc. as part of a collaborative effort.

Under most circumstances, people will see a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for their physical conditions. Examples of specific conditions which these physiotherapists look after include:

What does a physiotherapist do?

Physiotherapists help you achieve the outcomes and goals that you desire. Whether it's being able to run or just being pain-free whilst sitting, they will find a way to help you.

During a consultation, your physiotherapist will perform a structured assessment, which involves a verbal and physical examination. Following this, a combination of physiotherapy treatment will be administered, including:

Most physiotherapists will use multiple treatments to guide you through your recovery. For a progressive and long-lasting improvement, your physiotherapist will review over a series of consultations. Once you have accomplished your goals, you will be discharged.

Can you self refer to a physiotherapist?

Another common misconception and the frequently asked question is whether a doctor's referral is required. Like dentists or GPs, physiotherapists are classified as a primary health practitioner and will not require a referral.

Difference between chiropractor and physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists vs Chiropractors is a question we hear all too often in practice. Although chiropractors and physiotherapists often see a similar demographic of patients, both professions treat their patients in both subtle and completely different ways.

For example, most physiotherapists will tend to discharge you after achieving your goals, whilst chiropractors may opt for ongoing maintenance reviews.

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